Sean Rowe

Our most recent episode features ANTI-recording artist Sean Rowe.  Sporting a beard almost as deep as his voice, Sean is an extraordinary performer and writer.  We wrote and recorded “The Coat” in less than three hours in a condo in Austin during the SXSW festival this year.

The song is on iTunes here, and the tutorial about the song is available on Ask Video.

Sean Rowe’s “The Coat”


Based on a chord progression and a verse that Sean had been working on for 8 years, the song takes a dark turn when married to an idea Ben steals from Sean’s label-mate Tom Waits.  You can hear more about the process on the behind the scenes video:


Making of “The Coat”


You can hear more about Sean and about the song we wrote with him on the segment produced by the syndicated radio program Acoustic Cafe, which aired on 90 stations in the US and on Voice of America worldwide for 3 million people: