SongCraft Presents is a web series in which featured artists write and record a song in the course of a day with host Ben Arthur.  Producers Al Houghton and Mike Crehore then take the song and shape it into a polished studio track.

There’s no cheating.  From concept and lyrics to arrangement and performance, the pressure is on to make not just a good song, but a great song.

Often filmed in NYC’s renowned Dubway Studios, the artists have access to the best recording resources available: vintage instruments, state-of-the-art recording software and hardware, and the best engineers in the business.

Featured artists on SongCraft Presents have included Lera Lynn, Ben Sollee, Sean Rowe, Ximena Sarinana, and many others.

SongCraft Presents is currently working on a year long multi-format project, Songs of the Road, sponsored by Ford and produced with the syndicated radio program Acoustic Cafe. In the past we’ve also worked with Subway, Universal Audio, Taylor Guitars, and others.


Ben Arthur


Singer-songwriter Ben Arthur has released six albums and two novels, and has performed everywhere from the 12-Bar Club to Lincoln Center, sharing the stage with Dave Matthews, Bruce Hornsby, Tori Amos, Toots and the Maytals, and many others.

Ben’s work has been praised by Rolling Stone, NPR, CMJ, and BBC Radio, and his songs have been licensed by CBS, ABC, Showtime, and PBS.

Mike Crehore


Producer Mike Crehore has recorded, mixed, and mastered many, many artists over the past several decades, as well as playing and performing with many more. From Vernon Reid to Evan Lurie, from jazz to hard rock to singer songwriters of every style.

A graduate of Lehigh University with a degree in Management and Finance, Mike has always traveled his own road, having worked in many fields including; driving a tractor trailer, working every station of a restaurant, been an Outward Bound instructor, corporate consultant, stay-at-home dad, and designer/builder. The newest Dubway was built and designed almost entirely by Mike.

Mike currently writes, records, produces and performs with Ben Arthur, Ruby & The Snakes and his own band “the balboans”.

Al Houghton

Producer Al Houghton has recorded thousands of artists, ranging from They Might Be Giants to Enrique Iglesias, from art rock combos to symphonic works.

A mechanical engineering graduate of Brown University, he heeded the Call of the Wild to quickly forsake that career for a life in rock and roll – which left him washing dishes and living in his rat-hole rehearsal room, recording the denizens of the NYC art underground. Thus was Dubway Studios founded in the early ‘80s.

Over the past decades since, he has produced recordings for countless artists, scored movies, and currently performs with New York’s long standing alt rockers, Life In A Blender.


Matthew Hendershot

Videographer Matthew Hendershot has worked on hundreds of commercial and independent videos for clients like Google, Apple, CBS, and many others.  When not behind the camera, Matthew sings and performs with the indie hard rock band the End Men.